Dependence and abuse of inhalants: household blowing products

Dependence on inhalants Although national surveys indicate that 21.7 million Americans have used inhalants at least once in their lives, dependence and abuse of inhalants is less common than with other drugs, and most cases occur in more isolated areas. However, inhaled products have addictive qualities. The danger of addiction to inhalants should not be […]

Resin shortage could increase the cost of household products by 15%

The resin shortage is expected to increase the cost of household items by 15%, according to a report from AlixPartners. Resins are used worldwide in everyday plastic household products such as diapers, garbage bags, beverage bottles, containers for personal care products and detergents, and plumbing pipes. , medical devices and toys. “American consumers are already […]

Household Composters Market Analysis in Household Products Industry | $ 329.38 million of growth expected in 2020-2024

Technavio offers in-depth market information that helps global companies seize growth opportunities.Download a free sample report The increasing adoption of online sales platforms is expected to offer immense growth opportunities. To take advantage of current opportunities, market sellers need to strengthen their presence in fast growing segments, while maintaining their positions in slow growing segments. […]

Wet Wipes and Wipes in Household Products Market Expected to Grow by USD 7.19 Billion in the Period 2021-2025 | Technavio

The growth of the wet cloths and wipes market in the household products industry is driven by factors such as product premiumization due to product innovation and portfolio extension, growing concerns about the hygiene and growing investments in R&D by suppliers. However, factors such as the availability of counterfeit products, concerns about disposing of wet […]

Can You Save Money With Green Household Products ?, Lifestyle News

AsiaOne launched Earthone, a new section dedicated to environmental issues – because we love the planet and believe in science. Find articles like this the. Sustainable living takes center stage as global climate challenges continue. Many take this initiative at home and incorporate organic, recyclable and reusable products into their daily routine. These items can […]

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