1-800-Self-Storage.com collects donations for Ukrainian citizens


1-800-Self-Storage.com, which operates 17 locations in Michigan, has launched a drive to collect household items and medical supplies to help Ukrainian victims of the Russian invasion. The company also donated medical equipment, including a dental chair, stretchers, surgical tables, tactical first aid kits and other necessities, to help equip a field surgical hospital, according to a press release. .

“Metro Detroit community members have seen the suffering in Ukraine and want to contribute and make a difference,” said Eugene Sherizen, Director. “We are fortunate to have the space to store donations, vehicles to help transport humanitarian supplies, and connections to ensure needed items get to where they will have the most impact. With more than a dozen drop-off points available through the use of our facilities, drop-off is convenient.Together we can change the lives of those in the war zone and displaced refugees across Europe.

More than 10 million people have fled their homes in Ukraine since the Russian invasion began on February 24. A total of 4 million people are estimated to have left for neighboring countries, while 6.5 million are internally displaced, according to the United Nations. High Commissioner for Refugees.

1-800-Self-Storage.com has partnered with humanitarian organizations Razom for Ukraine, Share Ukraine, and the Ukrainian-American Crisis Response Committee to identify needed items and arrange for delivery of donated goods to the area. Urgent medical supplies will be flown to Ukraine, while other items will be sent by ship in shipping containers, the statement said.

The company requests new or unopened household items like batteries, flashlights, hairbrushes and combs, travel shampoo and soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes, feminine hygiene products and towels. The list also includes camping gear such as air mattresses, emergency blankets, headlamps, power banks, sleeping bags, disposable utensils, water canisters, and filters and tablets. water purification. Also in demand are over-the-counter medications for children and adults, and baby items like bottles, diapers and wipes, rash cream, food and formula, and pacifiers.

Details of drop-off locations and times can be found on the company’s website. This philanthropic program is one of many hosted by 1-800-Self-Storage.com. Other initiatives include the Heart for the Community outreach program. The business also serves as a year-round depot for organizations that repair and distribute used bicycles to children in need.


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