10 cool things worth buying in Bangkok


Bangkok’s cultural landmarks and bustling street life attract millions of visitors each year, each eager to take home a souvenir or two. Luckily, the world’s premier vacation destination has plenty of stalls, markets, and malls to cater to gift-hungry adventurers. While there are unique items to buy, ranging from personal care to household products, some scream Bangkok. These 10 cool things are worth packing in every traveler’s suitcase.

ten coconut oil

Thailand ranks among the top 10 exporters of fresh coconuts. Buying pure coconut oil is something to enjoy in Bangkok. The locally processed oil has many benefits for the skin as it can be used as a whole body moisturizer. It is also easily absorbed by the scalp, making it ideal for repairing and deeply conditioning dry hair. The oil is available in supermarkets, local stores and malls and comes in attractive packaging.

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9 Ya Dom (inhaler)

Made from locally harvested herbs, this medicinal inhaler is a cultural phenomenon that serves many purposes. Whether clearing that annoying nasal congestion or relieving stress, Ya Dom is a must-have remedy that should be on every adventurer’s shopping list. There are two popular brands to choose from, Peppermint and Poy Sian, each with a distinct aroma. The inhalers come in small, easy-to-carry packages. This is a product seniors will appreciate as a gift, especially if they have underlying conditions.

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8 Dried fruits

Dried fruits are among the specialties of Bangkok that fascinate travelers. Their flavors are irresistible, so it’s easy to see why they make crucial gifts for tourists to take home. The ingredients used to preserve the fruit are carefully chosen to ensure they retain their nutrients and natural flavor. Chatuchak Weekend Market and Sampeng Market are well-known places that sell a wide range of dried fruits at affordable prices. From durians and mangoes to bananas, tourists will have something to tickle their taste buds.

seven Carved soaps

Arguably, soap carvings are the most charming products travelers can buy in Bangkok. They come in intriguing flower shapes that add an eye-catching look to bathrooms. Their heavenly smells and attractive colors captivate thousands of adventurers. It is therefore not surprising that most of them buy several packs. While flower and fruit shapes are the most popular, some artisans in Bangkok have tapped into the sensual world to meet the needs of different tourists. Breast-shaped soaps are alluring keepsakes travelers can take home.

6 Thai spices

Thai spices are the main reason why Thai cuisine is so popular. While most are found in many countries of origin, there is a magical taste that those in Bangkok add to different dishes. However, vacationers should avoid buying spices at random, as some may not be suitable for frequently eaten foods. It would be prudent to ask locals what is suitable for a particular meal to avoid unpleasant surprises. Vacationers who do not like spicy dishes can buy some to give to friends or family members who like to cook.

5 Thai silk products

With eye-catching colors, unique patterns and soft textures, there is much to admire in items made from silk. Whether it’s scarves, ties or cushion covers, these products are sure to appeal to tourists with different tastes. Travelers can also ask the designers to create personalized decorative items to add a Thai touch to their home. Jim Thompson’s House is a standout outlet where vacationers are sure to find high-quality Thai silk.

4 Handmade bags

NaRaYa handmade bags are classic items that are popular for their beautiful designs. They are available in exceptional designs that pique the interest of locals and vacationers alike. From florals to elephants, travelers will have the flexibility to take home anything that suits their unique tastes. Handbags aren’t the only style to go for, as there are other options like shoulder bags, travel bags, and duffel bags.

3 Thai handicrafts and home decor

Bangkok is a great place to buy unique handicrafts and great home decor items. After all, who would want to leave this fascinating vacation spot without something to remind them of Thailand’s unique culture? If you are not in a hurry, it is better to buy the handicrafts at the night markets because they are cheaper than at airports and shopping malls. The price of different products depends on the uniqueness and the material used.

2 Essential oils

With demanding work schedules and lifestyle commitments, it is easy for people to have panic attacks and anxiety. For this reason, the people of Bangkok have embraced aromatherapy, a part of the art of massage that involves inhaling and applying essential oils. Their therapeutic scents promote relaxation, thereby relieving depression, tension and insomnia. Tourists can taste different scents extracted from tree bark, flowers or leaves. Popular places to buy the oils include the Chatuchak and Pratunam market.

1 Jewelry and colored gemstones

With many beauty centers in Bangkok, adventurers have no reason to return home without elegant and remarkable jewelry. And that includes blue and black sapphires. However, untrained eyes may have trouble telling genuine jewelry from fakes, so tourists should have a list of reliable stores. One includes the jewelry mall, a magnificent 59-storey building that hosts many merchants. Here, vacationers will have plenty of gorgeous accessories to choose from, including earrings, bracelets, anklets, and necklaces.


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