1,032 pressure cookers, 936 helmets seized for non-compliance with quality control instructions


New Delhi, March 12 (IANS): The Bureau of Indian Standards has seized 1,032 pressure cookers and 936 headphones for violating quality control orders (QCOs), the Ministry of Consumer, Food and Public Distribution announced on Saturday.

The Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) has issued a safety notice to alert consumers against purchasing household items which do not hold the valid ISI mark and which violate standards for mandatory use by the central government .

The ministry said BIS conducted search and seizure operations for violation of the QCO on helmets and pressure cookers.

The number of non-ISI branded helmets seized during the search operation were 747 from HUF Enterprises & Fame Enterprises, 85 from Ryder Auto Accessories, 14 from Adeshwars Ryders Arena and 90 from Project Revolt LLP.

No fewer than 1,032 non-ISI branded pressure cookers were also seized, of which 963 were from Raja Ratan Industries, 20 from Sohil Impex, 47 from Tekshiv Systems Pvt Ltd and two from Hardtrac Computer Services Pvt Ltd.

The CCPA has decided to take up cases involving the sale or offering for sale of goods that violate mandatory standards in order to prevent unfair commercial practices and to protect, promote and enforce the rights of consumers as a class.


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