5 household items everyone should own before age 35


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If I learned something from all these episodes of strange eye I cried watching this year is that the condition of your home and the way you feel is as important as your own physical appearance. And like your wardrobe, it can be easy to let the look of your home (and not to mention its function) take a back seat without you realizing it. But it’s not always easy to find out what’s missing in your home if you are happy with the way it looks.

It’s easy enough to come up with a checklist of the items every first apartment needs, but there aren’t as many guidelines after this time in your life. You may be thinking, Well i don’t need anything else in my house / room / space– if so, New York designer Megan Hopp isn’t surprised. She says this is the biggest argument she has with her clients: “There are two parts to creating the perfect space, the person and the room, and they both have needs! You might only need one chair to sit on, but your 300 square foot living room definitely needs a seating set.

Beyond the style and design influences in your space, Megan says she knows it can be difficult to find the right balance between furnishing a room (which is why we have designers!) , but when you really understand it, it makes all the difference.

Whatever your lifestyle, whether you live alone or have three children, receive friends every weekend or never invite anyone, your home should be a sanctuary where you can come in and reflect. who you are as a person. this person is no longer a recent college graduate. So if you realize that you have neglected your home, now is the moment. Think of this as your checklist.

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The right window treatments

Perhaps you installed inexpensive blinds in your windows or a black sheet glued to block the light. “Maybe you go tailor-made, or maybe you spend a weekend moving that curtain rod along the wall so your curtains lightly dust the floor,” Megan says. “Window treatments done right make all the difference. The right curtains can make your ceilings look taller and your windows larger, and instantly make your home feel like the “grown-up” you missed.

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A set of matching glassware

This is an easy, inexpensive upgrade that Megan says always suggests to her customers. “A mishmash of cloudy and drab glassware creates a messy vibe in my opinion,” she says. Definitely save any glasses or mugs that have any keepsakes or sentimental value, but it’s time to buy a matching set of at least 6 drinking glasses (not to mention wine glasses) not only to impress your guests, but also to provide them with the essentials. cohesion at your dining table.


Some original works

It doesn’t have to be a stuffy impressionist painting if that’s not your style. Prints, photographs, watercolors all count as a work of art and buying an original piece doesn’t have to cost you thousands of dollars. Now is probably a good time to re-evaluate HomeGoods prints or metallic quotes that no longer resonate with you or your style. And then go to a local art gallery or check out some of the great artists on Minted or Etsy.

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Ready-to-use furniture

If you are hosting people in your home, you should have the proper tools and supplies to do so. This includes everything from ice cream in your freezer to the proper dishes to put in front of your guests. It also requires having some sort of cabinet to support these efforts. “Whether it’s a buffet, a bar cart, or a simple console table, a dedicated place to help you accommodate can make all the difference,” notes Megan.

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A full length mirror

Another fairly simple but necessary suggestion from Megan: “Ditch the mirror that’s barely wide enough for a 6 year old (you know that one!), And go for a full-size mirror on the floor.” There are many options that can lean against the wall or be mounted on it, and as Megan points out, a large mirror will not only make dressing more pleasant, but it will also bring a lot of light and life to your space. .

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