6 household products that cost $ 500 a gallon – or more

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One of the daily expenses that most of us complain about the most is the cost of gasoline.

When gas prices go up, even a little, we get angry. Imagine if they jumped up to $ 1 or $ 2 a gallon.

However, we often buy things that cost much, much more per liter.

You could be spending hundreds of dollars a gallon without even thinking about it. The following household items cost over $ 500 per gallon.

As seasoned shoppers know, prices online can vary depending on the day you shop, your location, and other factors. All prices listed in this article were up to date at the time of our research.

Also note that we rounded product prices to the nearest dollar before calculating cost per gallon, which we also rounded. Whichever way you calculate, all of the following products cost at least $ 500 a gallon – and usually a lot more.

1. Nasal spray against allergies

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Over-the-counter allergy nasal spray can help you get through allergy season with minimal misery, but your wallet might be less happy.

You are likely to pay a lot more than $ 500 a gallon for a nasal spray.

Consider this: Amazon sells the Flonase brand in a two-pack – 1.24 ounces total – for $ 33. That’s $ 3,406 a gallon.

Even if you get the generic version from Amazon – yes, Amazon has its own generic brands – a Basic Care three-pack allergy sprays was $ 26 when we checked. You get a total of 1.62 ounces there, but you’re still looking at $ 2,054 a gallon.

2. Foundation

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A lot of people talk about the “pink tax,” and perhaps nowhere is it more evident than in the cost of some makeup products.

Liquid foundation can be quite expensive when you look at its cost per gallon.

A bottle of CoverGirl + Olay Simply Ageless 3-in-1 Foundation looked pretty cheap when we checked out, around $ 13 on Amazon. However, consider that there is only 1 ounce in this bottle, bringing the cost per gallon to $ 1,664.

But that’s nothing compared to high-end brands. When we looked, Glo Skin Beauty Luminous Liquid Foundation SPF 18 was $ 60 for a 1 ounce bottle. Buy this and you pay $ 7,680 a gallon.

3. Essential oils

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Essential oils can get expensive.

For example, a 0.5 ounce bottle of doTerra On Guard Protective Blend, which is intended for consumption, had a retail price of $ 45 on the day we purchased it. This comes down to $ 11,520 per gallon.

Even for a “proprietary blend that supports healthy immune function,” as doTerra describes the product, it’s a hefty price tag.

It is possible to find cheaper essential oils. Some brands sell a multi-oil pack, which could lower the price per gallon.

One example is a six pack Pure Aroma essential oils intended for external use that includes lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, lemongrass, and sweet orange oils.

The set – containing a total of 2 ounces of oils – sells on Amazon for $ 10. It’s $ 640 per gallon although that’s a savings compared to other essential oils.

4. Eye drops

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It is good to have soothing eye drops on hand to relieve irritated eyes. However, you might be surprised at their cost per gallon.

A 1-ounce bottle of TheraTears Lubricating Eye Drops – a “value size,” depending on the product packaging – was on sale for $ 12 when we researched this item. This puts the cost per gallon at $ 1,536.

5. Personal perfume

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Perfume and cologne are the kinds of everyday products that vary greatly in cost between brands. But whichever you choose, you’ll likely pay a pretty steep cost per gallon.

For example, Marc Jacobs’ Daisy in a 3.4-ounce spray bottle can cost $ 44. This comes down to $ 1,656 per gallon.

Based on our research, equivalent brands and sizes of men’s cologne tend to cost less. But whether you’re buying perfume or cologne, it can be hard to drop the price below $ 500 a gallon, unless you buy an even larger bottle or settle for a low-end brand or a generic brand.

6. Hair serum

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If you want to keep frizzy hair under control, you can buy a hair serum. A good serum can help you feel better about your hairstyle, or even your wallet.

A 2.2-ounce bottle of Obliphica Professional Seaberry Hair Serum for Medium to Thick Hair costs $ 38. It might be worth it if the serum, as its Amazon listing says, “really disciplines and smoothes the most unmanageable curly, wavy or straight hair.” Still, you’ll pay dearly – $ 2,211 a gallon – for it.

As with everything, it’s important to shop around and weigh price and quality when deciding which items are worth paying over $ 500 a gallon.

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