6 household products to cut your cleaning time in half


Cleaning is a household chore that every member of the family dreads. It can be boring, it is often hard work and, on top of that, it takes time. Between work, friends, family, and other commitments, it can be difficult to find the time to keep your living space clean.

Lifestyle expert Jill Bauer has joined Hoda & Jenna to share six affordable products that will make your life easier and cut your cleaning time in half. Whether you’re cleaning the kitchen or sweeping the floors, get on with the rest of your day using essentials that get the job done in no time.

Read on to shop for liner mats, baseboard cleaning tools, and more.

Yueiehe Multifunctional Mop Slippers

While they might look a bit funny, these microfiber shoe covers can easily clean up dust, dirt, and pet hair. You can wash them by hand or in the washing machine, the choice is yours. They can also be used to clean cars, offices, glass surfaces and more.

Stardrops the pink thing

Known as a miracle paste, The Pink Stuff was created in 1938 and is a versatile cleaner for interior and exterior. Made from natural ingredients, this paste works well on even the most stubborn stains.

Useful Products Drill Brush Attachment

Give your bathroom a new look with this bathroom drill brush attachment. Use over the shower or tile and grout for a powerful deep clean. The kit includes three different sizes of brush attachments so you can get to hard-to-reach places.

Buddy plinth

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to clean your baseboards and moldings, this tool is the perfect solution. The flexible head allows you to clean from any angle and can be used both wet or dry. Each pack comes with three reusable cleaning pads.

FitFabHome Large Nonstick Oven Liners (3-Pack)

Avoid any nasty spills in the oven with these eco-friendly oven liners. The mats can be cleaned by hand or on the upper rack of the dishwasher. They also work in electric, gas and toaster ovens; in hot air fryers and microwaves; on grills; and even as a baking mat.

PABUSIOR Fridge Liner Mat

These reusable refrigerator liner mats will keep your refrigerator clean and tidy. They not only work well in the refrigerator, but are also great for kitchen shelves, pantries, shoe racks, bookcases, filing cabinets and more.

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