A mobile display on an easel would look great in your home


Easels are a big favorite for those who like to have game nights with their friends or like to brainstorm on their own or with others using analog tools. But it can also be used to place and move things around your home and now it looks like digital screens may be their new best friend.

Gone are the days of a family or household gathering around a TV in the evening to watch their favorite show while having dinner. Well, there might still be some who do, but more likely people would watch videos on their various screens and on their own. But for those who still prefer to watch together on a bigger screen, there are smart TVs and various innovations, including an award-winning easel-style product that we’ve already covered.

Creators: Hyeona Kim and WooSeok Lee

A new design concept simply called Easel is a type of mobile home screen that looks interesting, especially if you live somewhere where you can’t really put a screen somewhere permanently. The screen comes with an easel stand so it can be moved easily from your living room to your bedroom and maybe even to the balcony or garden if you want to watch something outside. It’s also something you can just lean against the wall or fold up when you’re not using it, so it’s useful for those with small spaces.

The idea was born out of changes in the way we view screens and television and even the layout of our home has changed over the years. Fixed TV screens may still exist, but if you could have something more flexible and mobile, some owners would most likely choose this type of device. The screen itself can be turned into an audio mode with a speaker design if all you need is to play music or podcasts. There may even be a transparent OLED option which would be pretty cool if you had a good wallpaper.

The easel and screen can even be turned into furniture if you don’t use them at all, as they are designed to look like one. There is a lower rack where you can hang some accessories including books (not for me thanks, I like my book on shelves and not hung on racks) and magazines. Renders show it in four different color palettes: Winter Green, Beige, Ivory, and Graphite. You can probably choose one that will match your home decor, if it ever becomes a product.

I always prefer to have my smart TV in a permanent space in my living room and if I wanted to move somewhere else, there’s always my laptop or tablet to use as a screen. But that’s because I only think of myself watching my videos. But if you have guests over and, as mentioned, want to move your display to different parts of your home, the easel may be more convenient for you.


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