Amazon Launches Private Label “Amazon Elements” Household Products Only For Prime Members


Amazon today announced a new line of private label household items, called Amazon Elements, which will be sold exclusively to Prime members.

Initially, the product line will include diapers and wipes, and while Amazon does not give details on its future plans, the company is making it clear that Amazon Elements will eventually become a broader line of “everyday essentials.” “.

The most notable part of this announcement is that Amazon Elements will only be available to members of its Amazon Prime loyalty program, who are willing to pay $ 99 per year for certain perks, such as free delivery of two. days and access to television and television. – music streaming services.

Of course, this is another perk that current members can take advantage of, but it is not immediately clear if this is a sufficient reason for new members to sign up.

Amazon Elements WipesAs part of the offering, Amazon promises consumers an unprecedented level of product information, including when and where items were made, why each ingredient was included, and where the ingredients were purchased. It’s not necessarily organic, but by providing all the information to consumers, Amazon believes it can let consumers judge for themselves whether the product meets their level of expectations.

The details are very precise. For example, a customer will be able to know where the water in their wipes comes from, up to the exact aquifer. “We are committed to providing this level of detail so that customers can make the best decisions for their families,” said a spokesperson.

Each Amazon Elements package will have a unique code that can be scanned using the Amazon mobile shopping app to track specific ingredients and their origins; its date and place of manufacture, its delivery date and its expiry date.

In a statement, Sunny Jain, vice president of consumables at, said the launch leverages “Amazon’s technology strengths to provide customers with an unprecedented level of information on these products, the all with just one click. We’re excited to offer Amazon Prime members an additional selection, starting with diapers and baby wipes.

Amazon Elements Elements diapers will cost $ 7.49 for a 40 pack, making them very competitive against other private labels on the market. Amazon Elements baby wipes will retail for $ 10.99 for a six-pack.

This isn’t the first time Amazon has dabbled in private label products, although you may associate this practice more closely with Costco or grocery chains.

One of Amazon’s biggest efforts to date is something it launched in 2009 called AmazonBasics, which is a line of electronic accessories, like chargers or power cables. More obscure brands include bedding made by Amazon, called Pinzon, and outdoor furniture under the Strathwood brand.

Amazon Mom members are also considered Prime members and will have access to Amazon Elements products.

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