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Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale is here and it is surely the best time to shop for basic necessities, groceries and health items as they are available with discounts of up to 50%. You can even benefit from additional discounts by collecting coupons or making payment by SBI card.

Offers are online now. And, to save time, we’ve listed some of Amazon’s craziest deals here: –


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With most of the people in India loving Maggi Noodles, this is surely one of the best deals you should take advantage of from Amazon. If you live away from home or have kids at home, having Maggi with you becomes almost a necessity. Needless to say, this is a great snack option for your midnight hunger, evening snack, and more. And, when you have purchased a number of discount packs, you don’t have to worry about surprise your friends who come to your house.

If you are planning to switch to a healthy diet and start drinking green tea every day, this is one of the best deals for you. Lipton green tea is very popular in the market and is known for its amazing flavor. The brand offers multiple variations of green tea and does not contain any additional calories. You can start taking it every day and change your diet accordingly to lose weight, have glowing skin, and keep your heart healthy.

If you have kids at home or have a sweet tooth, this is a steal. The jar contains 48 units of mini cookie cakes that you can enjoy whenever you crave dessert, as an instant energy snack, or just want to get in a good mood. As this jar is available at almost half the price, you would surely like to take advantage of this offer if you are a chocolate lover.

For all those who are thin and are fed up with listening to various remarks throughout their life, it is time to add bulk to the body. If your fitness instructor has instructed you to start taking mass gainers so you can work out well, this one’s for you. Place your order and save 42% on this popular mass gainer. It has a chocolate flavor which makes it an easy task to have every day.

If you’re looking for whey protein, you can buy this one from the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale for less than half of its original price. It is ultra-filtered and mixes very easily in water. It can even be a great choice for a post workout drink because it will help you repair your muscles at a rapid rate.

Up to 55% off sports nutrition

Optimum Nutrition, Muscleblaze, Himalaya, Ultimate Nutrition and more popular brands are available at reduced prices. You can save big by buying whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, mass gainers, fat burners and more. If you are a gym enthusiast, take a look at the best deals for you on the Amazon Great Indian Sale here.

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Subscribe to Daily Needs and get a minimum of 20% off and free shipping

If you want to save your shopping time, Amazon allows you to subscribe to the products and get extra discount. Becoming a subscriber is easy and you can do it in just 3 easy steps. Select a product, select the quantity and schedule the delivery after adding your delivery address. The products will be delivered to your address on the scheduled delivery date each month. This 20% reduction includes 15% by coupons and 5% by subscription.

Up to 40% off daily essentials

A wide range of feminine hygiene products are available at a reduced price where it is an incredible offer. Fill your house with this necessity and you can get a 30% flat rate discount. You can even choose other sizes and variations and look at the offers for them to choose the option where you can save the most money.

Needless to say, toothpaste is a daily essential and Colgate is one of the most popular brands for it in the Indian market. This combo pack is available with a flat rate discount of 30%. So, you don’t have to worry about buying toothpaste for your family in the next few months if you take advantage of this offer today.

When you get this Surf Excel top load detergent powder at 33% off, why wait for anything and miss this deal. It is one of the most popular choices for top load washing machines and is effective in cleaning your clothes properly. Choose the size of the pack you want to buy and check the discount before placing your order.

Select the quantity and place your order here.

Collect coupons and save more on every purchase of everyday essentials

Amazon also gives you the option to collect coupons in advance and use those coupons while making payment for additional discount. These coupons are available on some of the biggest brands like Nivea, Saffola, Dettol, Lizol, Durex and more.

Up to 60% Off Amazon Grocery Brands

Amazon is offering up to 60% off its own brand groceries. Vedaka, Solimno, and other Amazon brands are also available at a discount. You can even get an additional discount on these products. You’ll also get a discount of up to 60% on healthy snacks and drinks. If you are a health freak, you shouldn’t miss out on this exciting offer. Discover all the offers available here.

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