Best canister vacuums 2022: Deep clean your carpets


Best for: joker – this doubles for wet and dry applications and is ideal for DIYers

With or without bag: bagless

Ability: 30 liters

Rope length: 8 meters

Dimensions: 41 x 38 x 69cm

Lester: 13kg

OK, so it’s not a vacuum cleaner per se – at least it’s not “just” a vacuum cleaner.

Karcher’s cleaner is also capable of vacuuming construction rubble, attaching to power tools, blowing and even sucking up liquid, but remember this is not a high pressure cleaner. pressure, products on which Karcher has built its name.

Suitable for the home, garden or even the car, this sturdy vacuum cleaner can handle everything from daily dirt on carpets and Cheerios in the kitchen to pretty rough construction rubble. It’s just great for those who enjoy home renovations, DIY and gardening and it can be used for both wet and dry jobs with equally excellent results.

This impressive feature is due to an extremely powerful motor that sucks dirt into a huge 30 liter tank. While the engine eats your dirt and debris, the filters clean themselves with the push of a button so you don’t experience a loss of power. In addition, the filters can also be removed quickly and easily.

As a vacuum cleaner, use it with or without the dust bag in place. Whether you’re cleaning dust and dirt from inside the house or finer debris outside, a bag will hold everything so you can get rid of it all at once later and it also helps prevent clogging of the filter. For items like leaves and large rubble, bagless is ideal.

Turn on blow mode to blow dirt out of crevices and move dust and debris into piles to vacuum later. In wet mode, perform tasks such as cleaning up liquid spills in the kitchen, emptying a pond ready for cleaning, or dealing with waterlogged drains – remember not to use a bag. Wet mode is the most impressive – you can basically empty a bucket of water and vacuum it all up again.

If you work with sanders and drills, it has a flexible hose to exhaust sawdust and dust right at the source as you work; you even plug the power tool into a socket on the front of the vacuum so you don’t have to worry about the distance to a socket. The suction turns off and on when you use the tool, a great feature.

Karcher’s cleaner has an eight meter cable, and accessories include a flat nozzle and the tools are held in a clip-on trolley that fits on the body of the machine – so handy to have there, whenever you need it. you need.

One of its best features is the way the lid slides in and out using the handle – when in the upright position, the handle and lid are locked in place. Flip it forward and you can remove the lid to empty the bag or discard the contents.


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