Calix Launches 7th Revenue EDGE Managed Service, Servify Care, the First Comprehensive Device Protection Program Available Through Broadband Service Providers


SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) launched today Servify treatment™ in Calix Revenue EDGE™, enabling broadband service providers (BSPs) to easily deliver and manage the leading comprehensive device protection program for their subscribers. Servify Care is the seventh addition to the Calix portfolio of managed services which includes a rapidly growing ecosystem of subscriber suites for the Revenue EDGE platform. Servify Care offers BSPs another way to enhance the subscriber experience and differentiate themselves from competitors. The average American household now has 25 connected devicesmore than double pre-pandemic household averages. In addition, one in four Americans feel overwhelmed by the number of devices and subscriptions they have to manage. Servify Care managed service in Revenue EDGE allows BSPs to protect all eligible devices in a home under the same easy-to-use plan and save subscribers hundreds of dollars annually. By providing essential services like comprehensive device protection, BSPs can create entirely new revenue streams and build long-term subscriber loyalty that endures through strong economies and recessions.

“Servify Care in Revenue EDGE is a great opportunity to make life easier for our subscribers while adding value,” said Shaun Carlson, director of research and development at Minnesota-based Arvig. “We are constantly innovating to find new ways to provide subscribers with the services they need. This is why our partnership with Calix remains essential to our success. Revenue EDGE’s managed services ecosystem makes it easier than ever to identify new revenue opportunities and quickly launch new services that our customers want and need. »

By covering home appliances under one plan, BSPs simplify the individual device protection plans that subscribers must manage and limit the number of companies with access to subscribers’ personal information. Subscribers access Servify Care through their BSP’s appbuilt on the customizable, subscriber-facing Calix CommandIQ® mobile app. Subscribers can submit a claim in just two steps with its intuitive user interface, which puts the broadband provider’s brand front and center. The BSP can then confirm the claim and expedite the issue. Additionally, BSPs using the full Revenue EDGE platform can launch and support managed services like Servify Care within weeks.

The Revenue EDGE platform enables BSPs of all sizes to create unique Wi-Fi experiences tailored to the specific needs of their subscribers. They can:

  • Use Calix Marketing Cloud to easily identify households that need device protection. With data and analytics in Calix Marketing Cloud (Cloud Marketing), BSPs can easily identify and market households with the most devices on their networks. Now it’s easier than ever to deliver more value to subscribers by simplifying device protection. Instead of dealing with dozens of individual device protection plans, subscribers can turn to their trusted BSP who already knows what devices are on their home networks.
  • Leverage award-winning Calix Market Activation to communicate the value of new managed services to subscribers. With the full power of Revenue EDGE, BSPs can get Servify Care to market in weeks instead of months. At the same time, they can launch targeted campaigns that communicate value to the right subscriber. Use of customizable marketing materials in the award-winning Calix market activation (Market Activation) and Electronic Content Builder (ECB), BSPs can perfectly position Servify Care to subscribers who need it most.
  • Equip support teams with Calix Services and Calix Support Cloud to boost subscriber loyalty. The winner Calix Customer Success Services (Customer Success) and Calix Support launched two new offerings to help BSPs get to market quickly with Servify Care. Calix Smart Start for Managed Services and Calix Support for Managed Services are designed to help BSPs get to market faster and launch with confidence. In addition, Calix Helper Cloud (Support Cloud) provides increased visibility into the subscriber experience to help support teams monitor subscriber complaints and escalate issues to Servify with a single click.

“Our lives are increasingly dependent on an increasing number of devices like computers, televisions and smart home technology,” said Sreevathsa Prabhakar, founder of Servify. “Protecting these devices with a single plan makes it easier and more affordable to keep them running smoothly. We are excited to launch Servify Care, a multi-device protection program in partnership with Calix, through which consumers can cover any number of their home appliances.

Earlier this week, Calix launched another managed service, social media monitoring of online security leader, Bark. OrderedIQ, ProtectIQ® home network security, LiveIQ® advanced parental controls, and Arlo secure Connected camera home security is also part of Revenue EDGE’s growing managed services ecosystem.

“The Calix ecosystem of managed services enables BSPs of all sizes to offer Wi-Fi plans tailored to the unique needs of their subscribers,” said Matt Collins, executive vice president of business operations and chief marketing officer, Calix. “Every quarter, we continue to grow this ecosystem so that BSPs can deliver more value and dominate their markets. As Revenue EDGE’s seventh managed service, Servify will simplify device protection for subscribers who live in markets often overlooked by giant consumer competitors. Many of the successful BSPs we work with have been rooted in their communities for nearly a century, and they all have one thing in commonthey are committed to bringing essential services to their community when no one else would. Calix verifies each partnership in Revenue EDGE to ensure BSPs have access to the industry-leading services their subscribers need. With this latest launch, we are excited to once again help BSPs introduce new revenue streams while deepening subscriber relationships that will last for generations.

Learn more about Servify treatment and use the Servify Care Calculator to explore the value that BSPs can bring to subscribers with the latest managed service in Revenue EDGE.

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