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RICHMOND, VA – The Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) will provide cooling assistance to eligible households this year through the Virginia Energy Assistance Program (EAP). Applications are currently being accepted and can be submitted until Monday, August 15.

To qualify, a household must have a child under the age of six, an adult age 60 or older, or a disabled person living in the home. Income requirements, based on a household’s gross monthly income (before taxes), can be found here. Individuals and families in need of cooling assistance are encouraged to apply even if they are unsure of their eligibility status.

Help is available for:

• Payment of electricity bills to run cooling equipment

• Payment of security deposits for the electricity needed to operate the cooling equipment

• Repair of a central air conditioning system or a heat pump

• Purchasing a whole house fan, including ceiling or attic fans

• Purchase and installation of a window air conditioner

Households that have already received an approval for Cooling Assistance in 2022 for a one-time benefit of $600 towards the payment of an electricity bill do not need to submit additional applications for this type of assistance during the current claim period.

Applications (available in English and Spanish) can be submitted to a local Department of Social Services, online via CommonHelp or by calling 1-855-635-4370. Eligibility is determined by the local department of social services. All applications must be submitted by August 15.

The Energy Assistance Program is funded by the block grant from the Federal Energy Assistance Program for Low-Income Households. Last year, VDSS served over 69,000 households with Cooling Assistance through the EAP. To learn more about Cooling Assistance and other available assistance programs, visit the VDSS Energy Assistance webpage.


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