Entryway Furniture Ideas: 10 Ways to Use Trendy Furniture in an Entryway


Entryway furniture ideas will make your entryway a beautiful, comfortable and functional space, but it needs to be used.

In addition to looking inviting, the entryway furniture ideas you’ve chosen should set the tone for the rest of your home – and should be considered with entryway ideas and porch ideas to ensure a proper feel. coordinate.

So when looking for inspiration for that small entryway space, think big. No matter the size, shape or configuration of yours, these furniture trends explain how to take décor to the next level, because after all, it’s the space that creates the first impression on your guests.

Whether you’re looking for ideas for modern hallway benches – perfect for putting on your shoes or a colorful console table for your keys, get inspired by our selection of hallway furniture ideas for every style. .

1. Invest in a great entryway bench

Entryway furniture ideas with bench

(Image credit: Birdie Fortescue)

“To create a welcoming entryway, think about the impact the space will have when you first walk in,” says luxury home accessories maker Birdie Fortescue. Take inspiration from this space by designing a cozy place to sit, covered in piles of throw pillows for added warmth and beauty.

Entryway benches are great accent pieces for larger homes, and also fantastic for small apartment entryway ideas to keep your entryway tidy – and everything close – for any last minute dashes.

“If you have the space, a rug with a practical texture is a great addition, especially under a well-proportioned hall table,” says Birdie.

2. Include a drink cart for the appetizer

Entryway furniture ideas with bar cart

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

In her pretty London home, interior designer Nina Campbell has installed a drinks trolley in her hallway to offer aperitifs to guests as soon as they arrive. Bar cart ideas are the perfect solution for an impromptu entertaining spot, as they take up much less space than a built-in home bar.

The bench is upholstered in a fabric similar to Kirkby Designs’ Southbank Blackberry.

3. Take advantage of an alcove

Small entryway ideas with bench and wall lighting

(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

You don’t need a large space to create a successful entrance. Even in a small apartment, you can design efficient space in little more than a narrow passage.

Use a nook in your small entryway to create a useful and attractive space to sit down and take off your shoes. Get inspired by this space in the interior designer’s home Elnaz Namaki which paired a playful striped bench with simple yet effective artwork and graphic wall sconces.

4. Use furniture that blurs the lines between beauty and functionality

Small entrance ideas with console and mirror

(Image credit: Natalia Miyar)

“One-of-a-kind one-of-a-kind pieces spark interest in awkward entryway layouts,” notes the interior designer Natalia Miyar, who designed this scheme. “I have a few favorite places to find things, but I also design bespoke pieces that stand out using interesting colors and textures throughout furniture.”

If the entryway is large enough, be sure to include a surface for everyday conveniences, such as a nice console table for your car keys or a decorative bench or chair to perch on.

5. Include storage in your schema

Modern hallway bench ideas with white oak storage bench with drawers, blue upholstered seat cushions and white oak slatted panel on the wall behind

(Image credit: Ginny Macdonald/Sara Tramp)

Trying to fit the best entryway storage ideas into your plan isn’t always the easiest task, so choose pieces of furniture that serve more than one function. Dual function furniture makes the most of a space, while choosing a bespoke design ensures bespoke functionality and proportions.

In this small entrance, designed by Ginny MacDonald, a white oak built-in bench has been outfitted with three drawers as a simple and neat shoe storage idea. In addition to drawers, consider an ottoman-style bench that you can open the top for easy access.

6. Focus on materials

Small entryway ideas with colorful features

(Image credit: Alexander James/Studio Peake)

Wooden sideboards, cabinets and consoles are nothing new – they’ve been a popular choice for years due to their timeless appeal, not to mention that wood is a durable material that gets better with time. But if you think wooden entryway furniture ideas will look too traditional in a contemporary home, think again. In recent years, a number of new techniques have reinvigorated wooden furniture and turned this old staple into a very modern interior design trend.

For a modern aesthetic, pair your sideboard with a striking backdrop. “It’s easy to forget about entrances because they’re arteries rather than places where we spend time,” says Sarah Peake, founder of Studio Peake. “So it’s crucial to be bold with pattern and color.”

7. Don’t forget storage in an entryway

Corridor with integrated storage

(Image credit: future)

Keep your entryway clutter-free with practical storage ideas, from custom millwork to flexible freestanding furniture.

Installing a bank of built-in cabinets along a hallway provides ample storage space while connecting the spaces seamlessly. “If built-in joinery can be incorporated into the design, consider using the space under the stairs or creating a series of cabinets along one wall.” Not only will this provide storage, but it will keep everything organized and out of sight,” says Emma Deterding, Founder and Creative Director of Kelling Designs.

8. Opt for a reading console

A hallway rug idea with yellow walls, natural woven carpeting and rattan baskets on the hall table

(Image credit: Tom Leighton)

As an entryway staple, a console table provides surface space for items such as table lamps, letter holders, keys and notepads, but it can also be used for display decorative objects and plants to welcome guests as part of a stylish display.

If you need extra storage space for keys, magazines or other household items, opt for a design with open shelves underneath, it’s a great way to create extra storage space, while keeping the space airy and spacious.

9. Maximize space with thin furniture

Hallway cabinet with slim console table

(Image credit: future)

Storage is essential in an entryway. This area tends to be a check-in spot for everyone’s coats, bags, shoes and keys, so be sure to find the best fit that makes the most of every available inch, whether it’s integrated or free-standing hall furniture. Another way to create a sense of space in cramped entryways is to opt for slender-legged tables or wall-hung shelves, says interior designer Charlotte Hughes of Sutton House Interiors.

10. Introduce casual seating

Modern entryway bench ideas with a green upholstered bench with orange cushion, green rug, green and orange wallpaper and orange curtain

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

Introducing casual seating will provide a useful place to sit while putting on shoes or just make a nice place to relax. Look for a bench with in-seat storage for a hard-working solution, or an upholstered French-style sofa or chaise if you want to create a glam feel.

What furniture should be in a foyer?

When deciding what furniture should be in a foyer or entryway, you need to think about design and function as a joint venture.

“You have to consider the practical elements and then design around them so as not to detract from the beauty,” says interior designer Charu Gandhi. “Things like where the coats, shoes and keys are going to go. If there’s room, I think making an entryway seat or bench that incorporates shoe storage in the hallway is great.

Modern entryway bench ideas with a green upholstered bench with orange cushion, green rug, green and orange wallpaper and orange curtain

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

Modern entryway bench ideas with a green upholstered bench with orange cushion, green rug, green and orange wallpaper and orange curtain

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)


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