Hong Kong Second Home Plan to launch Digital Exchange to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to the motherland


Management of five major industries
Hong Kong Second Home Plan now encompasses rocket launch activities, robot development and manufacturing, and new energy vehicle production and assembly activities. He recently stationed the launch base in Xiangshan, the fifth aerospace city of China, and continues to give full play to the efficiency of the industrial chain. These practical achievements have attracted many high-quality enterprises for cooperation, such as the joint development of vehicle-machine interaction systems and optical accessories with Huawei, and the “exterminator robot” with Zhongguancun scientific research team and creation. cooperation with China Telecom satellite telephone communication package and so on. After recent run-in and research, Second Home Plan has upgraded five industrial directions, which will carry out work by landing on Mars more purposefully as the core.

The five global industrial departments are as follows:
First: commercial aerospace enterprise, commercial rocket launch, 60 satellite communications networks, complete the integration of ground-to-air communications, phased realization of manned travel, interstellar travel will not be far away.

Second: Xiangshan Industrial Base, the fifth aerospace city of China-Zhejiang Xiangshan, infrastructure manufacturing, integrates the upstream and downstream industrial chain subdivision of enterprises to form a cluster effect.

Third: that of Hong Kong Second Home Plan Exchange, which serves companies in the commercial aerospace industry chain, helps capitalize their data and raise funds on ICO digital asset exchange to power industrial manufacturing and production development.

Fourth: Biological life technology, AI bionic robot, new intelligent biological materials are applied in the multiplanetary environment for ecological sustainable development and medical safety.

Fifth: New energy, clean energy technology transformation, transportation and energy supply use blockchain technology and Earth-Mars scene sharing.

The weather vane of these industries is conducive to the effective collaboration of like-minded enterprises, the conduct of a series of supply cooperations, and the pooling of global technology and capital in the service of Mars exploration.

Adopt global partners
At the start of the Hong Kong Second Home Plan, 60 satellites will be launched into orbit to complete the task of building a satellite network, which will cause a large number of industrial equipment production tasks and demand to increase. supply chains. The designed Martian container residential appliance integration program will also pilot electrical appliances, daily necessities, building materials, energy storage and other industrial enterprises. The container project is also a Mars landing lifetime warranty project, that is, in the container there is a complete combination of accommodation, household appliances and daily products to create a Martian living environment. Depending on the assembly of the scene, it can be reused, migrated and packaged. Family accommodation container operation allows users to select and combine online; offline, custom container pods can be sent directly to the designated Martian location, where after robot installation, virus removal, and cleaning, users will travel in carrier bags.

In addition to the business areas mentioned above that need to be sourced upstream and downstream, Hong Kong Second Home Plan encompasses global partners:

  1. Rocket launch and transport company: companies with global launch demand can choose “basic travel” rockets while performing commercial space travel –Karman Line tourist airship company.
  2. Robot production base for customizable R&D and production, robotic arms, biological components, infrastructure robots.
  3. New energy vehicles: After the launch of the Mars rover model, other brands’ manufacturing orders are committed to open innovation and research.
  4. The published digital artworks of Heroes of Mars have become popular on OPENSEA: NFT, as an interactive medium for the new planet, can be used as a voucher for Mars rovers and tickets for space travel, which await the joint construction of communities around the world.
  5. Technical team: the technical echelon of the world’s top laboratories are invited to overcome the difficult problems of the Mars landing subdivision.

Yu Minpresident of Second Home Plan Technology, said that landing on Mars to establish a second living and production space is a common transplanetary goal for humanity, so more partners are needed, and global capital is invited to participate in the Hong Kong Second Home Plan.

Present a gift at the 25th anniversary
Support space exploration, research, development and exploitation of that of Hong Kong Second Home, Second Home Plan Technology Company will take the lead and set up a 5 billion yuan funds to support industrial base enterprise blockchain and interstellar application of web3.0 in the near future. After that, it will continue to provide capacity transformation, refinement of data assets, ICO services for enterprises, accelerate support for industrial chain upgrading, and accelerate infrastructure achievements and landing efficiency for various enterprises in the industrial chain.

M/s. Yu Min says that that of Hong Kong future digital assets will have a large increase and sufficient market space, and the launch of Second Home Plan Exchange is to serve the digital assets of enterprises in hong kong driven by commercial aerospace. The purpose of the Stock Exchange is to serve the various industrial ecology companies of the Digital Services Secondary Residence Plan for their data capitalization; it is also the first trading platform with the digital assets of aerospace industry chain enterprises as the core. It also provides digital monetary and financial support in its own supply chain, blends the data chain with the capital chain, opens up demand and supply, and uses digital financial tools to nurture the development of the industrial base. It will also lay the groundwork for the ecology of trade on Mars.

SOURCE Hong Kong Second Home Technology


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