Is this the best multi-tool Leatherman has ever made?


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If Leatherman stopped making new products and continued producing the multi-tools they’ve perfected over the past 40 or so years, we wouldn’t be worried about them. They’ve become a household name – on par with Kleenex and Band-Aid – for a reason. But they do produce some new tools, and we applaud them for that, because they’ve just created perhaps the most engaging EDC we’ve ever seen.

Well, they had a little help. On Tuesday, Leatherman released the Topo Designs Skeleton Tool, a limited-edition multicolored version of their ultralight plier-based tool. While the traditional Skeletool is an exercise in minimalism – reducing weight thanks to cutouts along the handles and ingeniously incorporating features to keep things light (like the integrated two-in-one carabiner and bottle opener) – this version has was created with a company known for their flamboyant outdoor bags, forgoing the traditional muted palette for a patchwork of eye-catching colors. As such, Leatherman’s traditional silver stainless steel is out, and Topo’s red, yellow and blue combo (paired with a black finish elsewhere) is replaced.

You don’t need to own one of their bags, or even know Topo Designs, to pick up this seven-tool instrument. In fact, the multitool comes with a matching nylon sheath in the classic Topo style, with a carabiner included, so it’s a bit like getting a free throw bag. That is, if you can grab one while they’re still available. Leatherman has recently dipped its toes into limited-edition territory with great success, with previous small-scale drops selling out the same day.

Topo Designs’ color palette translated perfectly into the classic Leatherman Skeletool.

leather man

Only 2,500 units of the Topo Designs Skeletool are available, and given that it’s just been added to our list of the best accessories for summer 2022, we don’t expect it to be in stock for long.


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