JS Global’s SharkClean® App Redesign Receives Shark’s App Store Record Rating |

  • Leverage deep consumer understanding to reshape the robot vacuum experience
  • Obtained the highest Apple Store rating ever of the SharkClean app at 4.8 stars
  • SharkClean app becomes customer-brand hub for new features and services

NEEDHAM, Mass., May 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SharkNinja, an innovation leader in the consumer floor care and small kitchen appliance industry, recently revamped its SharkClean robot vacuum companion app and earned the highest rating. highest in the Apple App Store to date with 4.8 stars. Going forward, the SharkClean app will serve as the hub for the robot vacuum’s customer-brand relationship, launch new features and boost customer satisfaction. SharkNinja is part of JS Global Lifestyle Company Limited (hong kong: 1691), world leader in small household appliances.

SharkNinja has launched the new SharkClean, its most advanced and user-friendly robot vacuum app yet, to coincide with the launch of Shark’s smartest robot vacuum yet, the Shark® AI Robot Self- Empty XL. The redesigned app features significant customer experience improvements, including the ability to schedule whole-home cleanings, target specific rooms or high-traffic areas, and target locations for immediate cleaning. Now, by activating the new UltraClean in the app, the robot vacuum can intelligently move to targeted areas and, with increased suction power, clean in multiple directions for a deeper deep clean. UltraClean provides increased performance such as 30% more pet hair free of hair.[1] 30% more efficient carpet wrapping and cleaning[2]. The new UltraClean has been thoroughly tested internally and with consumers, resulting in a seamless user experience and precise control of Shark’s advanced AI-enabled robot vacuums.

[1] Results in UltraClean compared to the Shark RV1100AE

[2] Results vs. Shark RV2502AE single pass coverage, tested with sand on a level loop

The new flagship SharkClean app was developed in partnership with ustwo, the award-winning digital products studio and B Corp. The SharkNinja team worked with ustwo to integrate new technology and product features into the app, to transform the customer relationship with their robot vacuum. Based on SharkNinja’s user-centric approach and user input, the teams collaborated to redesign the SharkClean home map layout, allowing users to interact and control their home cleaning more thoroughly and knowledgeably. The new app now features a personalized and interactive home cleaning map with zone and room differentiation, the ability to identify high traffic and spot cleaning areas, and a fun interface to delight users. Coupled with meaningful customer education, the new interactive map gives users full control over where, when and how they clean their home.

For SharkNinja and JS Global, this much-loved app now acts as the hub of the customer-brand relationship and is one of many efforts that drive brand engagement and strengthen the omnichannel distribution model. The SharkClean app now enables Shark to provide features and recommendations to drive sales, retain customers, and recommend timely product accessories or services.

“The success of the revised SharkClean app is a testament to the hard work of the SharkNinja and ustwo teams. For JS Global, a company built on strong innovation and product design, the ustwo team was a natural partner for transform the user experience in our SharkClean app,” said Marc Barrocas, Global Chairman of JS Global and Chairman of SharkNinja. “The enhanced app is part of SharkNinja’s commitment to wow consumers with superior hardware and software. The app will allow us to continually strive to improve the customer experience,” Barrocas said.

In the latest version of the SharkClean app, JS Global continues to look at the future of robot vacuums and how apps can transform and improve the home cleaning experience. As a customer-brand relationship hub, the SharkClean app will allow JS Global to launch new features such as Ultra Mop, the self-emptying robot vacuum cleaner for wet and dry cleaning, or explore mapping capabilities 3D for more personalized cleaning controls. Going forward, JS Global will be able to tailor the SharkClean app experience to the needs of different markets and support the company’s international and product expansion.

About JS Global

JS Global Lifestyle Company Limited (hong kong: 1691) is one of the world leaders in small household appliances. It ranks fifth globally in the small household appliance industry and third among companies focused on small household appliances. It mainly operates three major brands: Shark, Ninja and Joyoung. The company’s success is centered on its in-depth understanding of consumer needs and is underpinned by its strong capacity for innovation and product design, fueled by a global research and development platform, marketing assets fostering high towards the brand and omnichannel distribution coverage with high penetration. .

About SharkNinja

SharkNinja is an innovation leader in the homeware industry and creator of the well-known household brands Shark and Ninja. SharkNinja provides the latest in easy-to-use, innovative technology with a growing range of solutions comprised of Shark cleaning and home care products and Ninja kitchen appliances. Products are sold at major retailers and through distributors worldwide. Ninja and Shark are registered trademarks of SharkNinja Operating LLC. SharkNinja is a subsidiary of JS Global Lifestyle Company Limited (hong kong: 1691) innovation leader in small household appliances.


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