Kentucky Woman Shares Hilarious Reason She’s Hosting a Garage Sale


If you like bargains and bric-a-brac, you have to go to my family’s garage sale this weekend. We have a lot of things and we are purging our house.


Admit it if you’re like our family, you have way too much of everything. Here’s the deal I purposely don’t have much but we have five people in our house so things pile up pretty quickly.

I have a husband and daughter who are hoarders in real life. This is not a joke. Both together are dangerous. My husband is a hunter and we have, I won’t tell you, about 30 deer heads and over 100 sets of antlers in our basement alone. Not hanging NOPE, they are sitting. I’m sure they’re waiting for their behinds to show so they can log in and walk out the side door to freedom.

Now we have several on the walls, but there are also way too many lying around and it’s scary. Like when I’m doing laundry they look at me like I put them there and I’m ashamed.

Envy, right? ! But wait, there’s more and he’s not getting rid of any of them. I know he technically can’t sell them, but you should have seen the look on his face when our friend commented on my Facebook yard sale post asking if he was selling hunting gear.

It’s almost as if they were fight words. Let me tell you right now if I died, my poor husband would never get rid of anything.

Then there is our daughter. She definitely looks like me but my God, it’s her remodeled daddy. I’m sure she would save the nail clippings if she could. Somehow, she becomes very fond of anything that gets her hands on her and just can’t let go. Last night I tried to clean up some books she NEVER got and I repeat she never read and you would have thought we were going to burn a book. She tore them up and hugged them to her chest and said “Mom, these are my favorite books, I love them.” At which I rolled my eyes and said “Really because I just pulled them out of the drawer under a bunch of other bullshit.” She stuck her lip out and I said “well keep them” then took them back after she fell asleep. About a month ago I had him clean his own room and found a guitar and another toy and took them to the yard sale. I hid them and she found them and hid them under her bed THREE TIMES! God help me, I don’t know what will happen outside of the sale, but I’m planning on having a big one.


Although I like clothes and things, I am not attached to anything. I am constantly purging and getting rid of things. I have tons of women’s clothing, accessories, shoes and more.

My 17 year old son had a massive growth spurt and went from preteen to giant in two years, so here goes. There will be men’s clothing from size M to XL

Our youngest son is a little spoiled and has more clothes than Kim Kardashian and he’s grown 10ft in the last year. He only wears comfortable clothes as he calls them so much Nike and Under Armor clothes for boys.

Lots of cleaning and toys. Something for everyone and I want to get rid of it so badly I’m going to do a bundle. Bring your dollar bclear my friends from home!

This is just a small preview of what we have.

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