Kuka Owner Midea Reveals New Home Robot


Midea Group, a massive manufacturing company known primarily for making household appliances like washing machines and for being the parent company of industrial robot giant Kuka, has unveiled a new product in the field of home robotics.

The Chinese company has unveiled the details of its next-generation robot vacuum cleaner, the S8+ Automatic Dust Collection Robot, manufactured by Midea Robozone Technology, a subsidiary of Midea Group. The S8+ joins Midea’s line of smart cleaning products that offers top performance covering all household cleaning solutions.

Alice Shaw, Vice President, Sales and Marketing Management at Robozone, said, “As an innovator in smart cleaning technology, I am proud to say that Midea is reaffirming its leadership in the smart home industry by revolutionizing high performance robot vacuums to provide more convenience to our global customers.

“The S8+ is Midea’s premium model, representing a significant shift in modern home life where consumers are looking for smart cleaning assistants to meet the needs of today’s busy life.”

As the world’s largest major appliance producer, Midea continues to develop smart cleaning solutions and products with world-class cleaning technology and increase the success of our home cleaning and care business. in its entirety.

According to a report by ResearchandMarkets, the global household vacuum cleaner market was valued at $43,104.6 million in 2021 and is projected to reach $58,439.6 million by 2028.

In May this year, Robozone launched its M7 Pro robotic vacuum cleaner internationally, including Russia, Germany, France and Poland. The company is now adding to this momentum and plans to launch a second new product, the S8+ automatic dust removal robot.

One of the biggest improvements of the Midea S8+ is its automatic dust collection station, which only needs to be changed once every 30 days, ensuring that the space where the unit is deployed remains free of unpleasant odors, collecting automatically dust when charged.

The Robozone team sticks to Midea’s core philosophy of “Practical Innovation” to inform every feature and product decision. Robozone has leveraged advanced technology and shaped its core competitiveness in next-generation smart home appliances, focusing on smart home cleaning technology and ecosystem.

In the future, Robozone will devote itself to developing various cleaning solutions for more than 100 global markets and, by offering a diversified product portfolio, aims to become the go-to specialist for home cleaning solutions.


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