Logitech G’s G535 LIGHTSPEED: the lightweight wireless headset built with neodymium drivers


Logitech is releasing a new wireless gaming headset called G535 LIGHTSPEED designed to provide gamers with performance, comfort, and long-lasting freedom.

Logitech and its involvement in the gaming world in terms of accessories

One annoying thing some gamers experience is having to restrict their movement due to wired headphones. Another problem faced by gamers is that the headphones are too heavy to the point of becoming uncomfortable.

Logitech has been a household name in the gaming world with numerous accessories ranging from keyboards to laptop bags. The company just launched a new wireless gaming headset that claims to be lightweight and deliver long-lasting performance.

The G535 is equipped with 40mm neodymium drivers and is considered the lightest on the market

According to the story of Channel NewsThe G535 is equipped with 40mm neodymium drivers providing the headset with crystal-clear “discord-certified comms” as well as what the article describes as next-level aural immersion.

The new headphones are Logitech’s way of delivering a higher level of comfort and stability. The helmet is said to weigh only 236 grams, making it the lightest helmet on the market compared to its competitors.

The helmet is equipped with soft memory foam earpads

The headset is paired with soft memory foam ear pads to ensure that users are not choked by bulky foams sitting on their ears. The headphones are also in a slimmer form and are built with an adjustable suspension headband.

According to the post, the design and materials would allow gamers to be able to use the headset for a longer period of time without needing to be disturbed due to discomfort or having to adjust the headset.

LIGHTSPEED wireless gaming headphones can last up to 33 hours

The LIGHTSPEED wireless technology would live up to its name when it comes to its negligible latency over Bluetooth. Its autonomy can go up to 33 hours with a range reaching 20m. This makes the headset perfect for users who prefer gaming on the couch or gamers who need to get away from their desk.

It also makes the headset very convenient to wear despite being AFK for a few minutes to take a break. Since the headset is also wireless, users can easily walk away from their computer or gaming console without having to remove the headset.

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Logitech G G535 LIGHTSPEED without wires and without limits

According to a Tweeter, the Logitech G G535 LIGHTSPEED will have no wires and “no limits”. The image on the tweet focused more on the wireless gaming headphones being wireless and convenient for users.

Unlike at work, gaming with wired headphones can be very difficult, especially in intense games where players move around a lot. Although when it comes to working out, some people don’t really move much, using wireless headphones with memory foam earpads to provide better comfort.

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