Motospeed BK67 keyboard on sale at BZfuture for just $51


Computer accessories and goodies are always in high demand because we all need them for our PCs. These days, every household usually has several computers, so there really is a need for quality accessories. And today we have several very interesting products from the Motospeed brand for you. Ranging from mechanical keyboards, mice to nifty headphones. All also at reduced prices, thanks to our friends at BZfuture online store.

Let’s start with the Motospeed BK67 compact keyboard model with mechanical blue switches, long-lasting rechargeable battery, Bluetooth/wired connection options, RGB backlighting, full N-key rollover and more. And with the special coupon, you can buy one for just $51.12.

BZfuture Motospeed BK67 Keyboard:$51.12($60.14)with a 15% discount code GC15

Or maybe you would like a Motospeed CK61 mechanical keyboard model. This one comes in a sleek black color and RGB backlighting, again in a compact 61-key layout. Using Kailh BOX switches with 1.8mm key travel and ABD double injection molding keycaps, you get all the convenience. And additionally with NKRO support and USB Type-C connection.

Bzfuture Motospeed CK61 Keyboard: $42.16 ($49.60) with 15% discount code GC15

Third to the mechanical keyboard party comes the Motospeed CK62 model. This one is flexible with a wired and Bluetooth connection and of course all RGB backlighting. You can choose from blue or red switches and three colors of the keyboard itself, so something for everyone. Again with a compact 61-key layout and gaming aspirations.


BZfuture Motospeed CK62 Keyboard: $27.82 ($32.73) with 15% discount code GC15

And with a gaming keyboard you of course also need a gaming mouse. So how about the Motospeed V100 twin-engine model? With up to 6200 dpi, 220 IPS and 30g acceleration, this wired monster is ready to take over your gaming sessions. Three side buttons, RGB lights and macro support are just the icing on the cake.


Mouse BZfuture MOTOSPEED V100: $28.67 ($33.73) with 15% discount code GC15

Finally, we have the Motospeed G919 gaming headset. Featuring 7.1 sound with 50mm low frequency drivers, it will certainly deliver even demanding users. Soft headrest and earmuffs ensure comfortable wearing even during long gaming sessions. 2.2m long USB cable and adjustable microphone too. And RGB lights cannot be missing from this model either.


BZfuture Motospeed G919 helmet: 38.79$ ($45.63) with 15% discount code GC15


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