NextEra Energy’s Real Zero is a big step forward, but more needs to be done to reduce energy costs


NextEra Energy, the parent company of Florida Power & Light, recently announced a very laudable goal of eliminate carbon emissions from its operations by 2045 June 14, 2022.

National Business Association Advanced Power Saving (AEE) is encouraged by NextEra’s commitment to renewable energy such as solar power, batteries, wind power and green hydrogen. As the industry group representing companies developing and deploying these advanced energy technologies, we are especially proud of NextEra’s forecast to create up to 150,000 jobs and add $15 billion to Florida’s annual gross domestic product by up to in 2045 by carrying out this energy transition.

The combination of renewable energy sources and new jobs has the power to lead Florida into a cleaner, more reliable future that is more resilient to the fluctuating fossil fuel costs and natural disasters that often strike Florida.

As a Florida native, I know this resilience will be crucial in protecting families from natural disasters and high energy costs in household budgets. That’s why we encourage all Florida power producers to not only follow NextEra’s lead in their quest for a carbon-free future, but also to ask them to do more to prevent households from using more electricity. energy as needed.

Technologies and software tools are available to reduce the energy consumption of businesses and households without requiring people to use less air conditioning or affecting Floridians’ way of life.

Encouraging customers to do activities like heating water, drying clothes, filtering pools and spas, and charging electric vehicles when the power grid is least stressed will reduce costs and improve reliability. for all Floridians.

Regulators and elected officials can go even further to help households cut costs by incentivizing more adoption of costly and potentially life-saving technologies, such as rooftop solar and battery storage. These technologies can help reduce the need to build large, expensive power plants while allowing Floridians to power their homes in the event of a natural disaster.

NextEra’s proposal, in addition to an increase in so-called “demand side management practices” that enable the self-generation of electricity, will grow and green Florida’s economy for years to come. .

This will make Florida not only a national leader in clean energy, but also a resilient economy where all Floridians can thrive.


Michael J. Weiss is Policy Officer at Advanced Energy Economy (AEE).

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