Over 2 Million Pounds of Discarded Electronics Removed from Pennsylvania’s Trash Stream


Through day-long collections and permanent drop-off centers, Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful and partner organizations removed 2,201,881 pounds of electronics, 100,524 pounds of household hazardous waste and 29,900 tires from the waste stream in 2021.

The efforts involved nearly 2,400 volunteers according to KPB.

Keep Cambria County Beautiful, Keep Erie County Beautiful, Pennsylvania CleanWays of Fayette County, Keep Huntingdon County Beautiful, Pennsylvania CleanWays of Mifflin County, Keep Perry County Beautiful, and Tri-County CleanWays (Butler, Lawrence, and Mercer counties) offered collections of ‘a day.

Pennsylvania CleanWays of Elk County, Pennsylvania CleanWays of Venango County, and Westmoreland CleanWays and Recycling operate permanent recycling centers where residents can drop off items.

“These convenient and inexpensive options for disposing of tires, electronics and other recyclables are key to ensuring these items end up where they should and not on the side of a hill or in our landfills,” said said Shannon Reiter, chairman of KPB.

Many KPB affiliates reduce costs for their residents by participating in the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Household and Small Business Hazardous Waste Collection Program, which provides partial funding for the responsible recycling of all items collected.

The objects collected are sent to DEP-approved channels for recycling.

Tires are made into rubber mulch, play turf, rubber asphalt roads and other items.

Metal, plastic and glass are separated from electronics and other recyclables and sold for reuse in items such as metal rebar, glass pellets and plastic cell phones, computers laptops and other equipment.

KPB is working to increase the availability of convenient and affordable disposal for certain items, such as tires, electronics, household hazardous waste, pharmaceuticals and appliances.

For a list of 2022 fundraising events, visit KPB’s Events Calendar webpage.

For more information on proper disposal in your area, contact your local Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful affiliate or county recycling coordinator, which can be found on the Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful website.

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