RFL Houseware: Making Home Management Easier


RFL Houseware began its journey in 2003, with the aim of bringing innovative, high quality products to market at an affordable price.

“I have relied on RFL for a long time and have never been disappointed,” said Shahina Parvin, a housewife.

With a satisfied consumer base in Bangladesh, the brand has spread its wings internationally; RFL now exports to more than 70 countries.

Additionally, RFL Houseware is the manufacturing partner of renowned retail chains such as Target Australia, LIDL and Dollarama.

In the household category you will find almost everything that is essential for your home. From small essentials such as hangers, brush holders and clocks to furniture such as kitchen shelves and stools, you’ll have it all.

Made with food-grade materials, the containers, lunch box, and drinking bottles are perfect for transporting homemade food to your workplace.

Besides basic household items, RFL has introduced innovative toys for different age groups, focusing on children’s brain development and proper physical activity.

brain stimulating toys

Designed for two-year-olds, these toys are puzzles in different shapes, colors and sizes.

In addition to helping with brain development, puzzles also claim to dramatically improve children’s physical skills.

These brain-boosting toys claim to develop fine motor skills through the coordination of small muscles. It’s scientifically proven that children who develop their fine motor skills tend to find it easier to write, draw and learn to play instruments.

RFL toys are made with virgin polypropylene; making them safe, strong and durable.


Lucky push toy

For babies who have just started walking, this toy can be a great help. Made with high quality virgin polypropylene, this toy is perfect for kids aged two and up.

The push toy comes with a sky blue stick to hold and colorful decorations for babies to play with.

Price: 250 Tk

Foot plate

When we enter our home, we take measures such as washing our hands, changing clothes immediately, and even disinfecting phone covers or key fobs.

However, we often forget to watch out for the germs we bring home with our shoes.

The RFL Foot Tray is very easy to use; all you have to do is pour disinfectant on the foam that comes with it and place it at the entrance to your accommodation.

Price: 480 Tk

Fresco Tulip Container

When it comes to containers, RFL Houseware has always been a master of the game. You will find a wide range of storage and food containers; available in both combos or as single pieces.

Fresco Tulip containers are available in different sizes: 6L, 8L, 12L and 16L, and can be used in multiple ways. Containers allow you to store dry foods such as biscuits and biscuits.

Fresco containers are also available in sets of different sizes.

Price: 270 Tk (16L)

Oven-safe ‘Mina container’

Many plastic bowls and containers end up melting in the oven.

RFL Housewares has introduced ovenproof ‘Mina containers’ in three different sizes. The small costs around 75 Tk only, the medium costs 84 Tk and the large costs 124 Tk.

When placing these containers in the oven, leave the lid open and the temperature below 90°C.

All RFL containers are made with BPA-free food grade material.

Price: Tk75-Tk124 (Depending on size)


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