Survey – Household waste management in Greater Brisbane.


What are the barriers and opportunities that influence your approach to household waste management?

Did you know that by throwing away a burger, you waste the equivalent amount of water used in a 90-minute shower?

My name is Keana and I am studying a Bachelor of Regional and Urban Planning (Honours) at the University of Queensland. As part of the specialized part of my degree, I have to write a thesis.

My research topic for my thesis is: Opportunities and obstacles influencing the implementation of household food waste management systems in Greater Brisbane.

Essentially, I examine what factors can influence a household to participate in sustainable food waste management methods, and what factors can prevent a household from doing so. My study area is ‘Greater Brisbane’, defined by five (5) Council areas – Moreton Bay, Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan and the Redlands.

I would absolutely appreciate your participation in my survey. This should take around 10-20 minutes.

All other details regarding my survey can be found in the participant information sheet which is attached to my survey ethics form via this link –

The survey was created using a secure UQ-approved platform known as Checkbox Survey and submissions will close at noon on Monday, September 12.

Keana Munro


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