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The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a sudden shift to remote working by much of the workforce around the world. As companies order their employees back to the office two years after the major health emergency, workers say it’s better to be stuck with the new system — they’re more productive with the new setup, studies show.

Invest in the best workstation device

According to a Trade standard report, if workers are forced back into office work by default, some of them are more likely to quit or seek other opportunities. Additionally, they are willing to take pay cuts to retain the remote option.

With this, remote employees are starting to invest in the best home workstation devices to ensure that their productivity comes with effective tools. If you’re looking for the best device to add to your workstation without spending a fortune, this refurbished 5th generation iPad might prove to be a great buy.

5th generation iPad at the best value for money

Could this device effectively meet your work needs? The short answer is yes. This refurbished Apple iPad 5, as Mashable tells us, is a portable yet powerful device that can be more convenient than a full laptop. Additionally, we know that iPads come with many apps and hardware accessories that perform a variety of functions that can be beneficial for remote work.

The iPad 5 comes in three options for base colors; silver, gold and space gray. The device has a height of 240 mm and a width of 169.5 mm. This means it can be easily added to your setup without having to move a lot of stuff around your desktop.

This device has a 9.7-inch multi-touch screen and an Apple A9 processor. This is especially useful if your work requires sending digital sketches and processing photos and videos. Succeed in your next art project with this iPad.

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It also includes a 1.2 MP FaceTime HD camera, ideal for web conferencing. Remote work also comes with other unexpected household responsibilities. This gadget will allow you to be present at all virtual office meetings while doing laundry or even taking care of your family members. Simply put, this device is a great acquisition if you’re prone to multi-tasking all the time.

Enhance your outings with the device’s 1080p HD video recording which also comes with slow motion, time-lapse video with stabilization and video image stabilization functions. The device also has built-in stereo speakers for crisp sound and more efficient video processing.

Additionally, the 128GB SSD should be enough space for various applications and local file storage, although you can supplement it with cloud storage. The iPad 5 also comes with 2GB of RAM, providing the best performance despite running apps on apps.

Finally, this refurbished iPad 5 is available at the discounted price of $234.99, which is already a lot considering it has a regular price of $260. Discover the product here.

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