VIZIO Inks Reaches Agreement with TransUnion to Expand Household Connect and Better Link TV and Mobile Ads for Omnichannel Activation Strategies


IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–VIZIO (NYSE: VZIO) today unveiled an extension to its Household Connect multi-device advertising platform that gives marketers the ability to extend their campaigns beyond TV to millions of outlets. contact and additional devices.

The expansion is fueled by a partnership with TransUnion (NYSE: TRU) to integrate their TruAudience® Identity and Data Marketplace into the Household Connect platform, building on VIZIO’s partnership with Yahoo (formerly Verizon Media). VIZIO will continue to evolve the offering with additional premium partners and data capabilities.

The new Household Connect is VIZIO’s latest effort to create a cohesive omnichannel offering for its advertisers that optimizes messaging, frequency, and the overall experience for its audience across 19 million Smart TV homes and millions of mobile devices. The offer is available exclusively through VIZIO Ads.

“This allows advertisers to leverage our proprietary ACR data as well as TransUnion Data Marketplace data across all platforms and execute comprehensive marketing campaigns for VIZIO audiences,” said Oz Lang, vice president of product management at VIZIO. “So after receiving a TV ad, viewers will see a complementary ad or call to action on their computer, tablet or mobile device shortly thereafter, all powered by the same rich data.”

VIZIO’s Household Connect is already actively used by brands and programmers to drive a variety of different KPIs. For example, a major cable network leveraged Household Connect to increase its viewership by 64%.1 for its first flagship season. Moreover, a recent study2 showed that Household Connect resulted in significant increases in ad awareness and recall rates of 80% and 90%, respectively.

“Leveraging the TruAudience Identity and Data Marketplace, VIZIO combines its rich audience viewing data with other first- and third-party demographic and behavioral data across tens of millions of connected households,” said Matt Spiegel, EVP , Media & Entertainment Vertical at TransUnion. “This partnership provides brands and marketers with improved advertising and efficiency.”

In addition to Household Connect, VIZIO Ads also has offers for True Incremental Reach and Universal Frequency Control. The entire VIZIO Ads product suite is powered by Inscape’s unparalleled audience data derived from ACR technology. VIZIO’s Inscape data provides brands and agencies with greater transparency, accuracy, relevance, control and attribution that connects advertising purchases to business outcomes.

“Over the past two years, we’ve invested in growing our in-house ad technology team and our proprietary ad technology solutions,” said Travis Hockersmith, vice president of the Platform+ business at VIZIO. “It allows us to rapidly develop differentiated products that drive the industry forward, help advertisers measure campaign ROI against our unique audience, and create a more consistent experience for viewers across multiple devices and touchpoints. .”

VIZIO Ads’ unique direct-to-device offer has doubled participating unique brands and tripled average revenue per advertiser over the past year. Additionally, VIZIO Ads’ initial commitments for 2022 exceeded $100 million, four times more than in 2021, including enterprise-level purchases from six major agency holding companies and a number of number of leading advertising categories in traditional television such as automotive, insurance and retail.

Most recently, VIZIO announced that its advertising and innovation team has grown to over 400 employees, recently adding industry veterans from Adobe, WarnerMedia, Comcast and Magnite, with offices in key markets across the country, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Denver.

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1 The network’s case study “Extending Ads Beyond the Big Screen Pays Dividends” is available at big-screen-pays-dividends

2 The brand case study “Cross-device advertising increases ad awareness and recall by 80-90%” is available at -80-90-lift-in-awareness-ad-recall


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